i'm whitney.

I deliver messages from your team of Angels and loved ones in the spirit world. The messages received can activate your greatest potential as well as your deepest healing. I also use Astrology as a tool to connect you to your innate potential outlined in your natal chart. I’m truly honored to help you walk towards your own authenticity, empowerment and wholeness. I look forward to speaking with you! 

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“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible."


Everyone has a personal team of angels guiding them throughout life. This session is an opportunity to meet and receive messages of guidance, wisdom and inspiration from your guardian angel and any helper angels that surround you.  

angel session


Our connection to those we’ve loved and lost remains forever in our hearts. This session offers the chance to be reunited with your deceased loved ones, including animal friends, to receive their messages and guidance. 

mediumship session


This session is a chance for you to understand the potential your natal chart holds and the planetary energies impacting your life

astrology session



- sarah c.

"Whitney was SO engaging, personable and full of life. She provided so much peace and clarity in my journey. She spoke to my situation so well without me having to explain details. She is truly in tune with the Divine and Angels. She is the REAL DEAL. She was timely on the call and respectful of my time as well. I will absolutely be coming to Whitney frequently. She is a true delight and an earth angel. Thank you Whitney, keep shining your healing light!"

- jenn r.

“Whitney is amazing. Sitting with her is like having a blanket of warmth and love wrapped around you. She is so in tune and truly has a gift. Whitney delivers messages of guidance and support. One feeling that resonates with me after leaving her space is that we are not alone. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.”

- janelle m.

“I first sought Whitney’s services after the death of a loved one, which had been a sad time. In that first session, she gave healing guidance that helped me move out of my sadness and toward better understanding. Since that time I’ve found it helpful to “check in” with her a couple times a year because my sessions with her are consistently life affirming and informative. She’s offered valuable insights which help me transition to a more healthy, positive, perspective. Whitney is a gifted and loving healer. I’m grateful to God and the Angels for allowing me to find her!”

- rose s.

"This session felt so true and special -- hearing from my own angels and guides! Much deeper and more personal than a just a psychic reading. From the start of the session, I knew that these angels knew me and were working with my best interests at heart. Whitney has a tremendous ability to hear and to communicate what the angels and guides want to say. I actually felt a sense of awe that I had had this momentary connection with them and felt cloaked in their love and caring. The information I received was powerful and hit home. Thank you, Whitney, for this sacred experience."