angel session

Find direction in your life.
Gain insight into your personal affairs (career, relationships, finances, etc.).
Overcome blocks, boundaries and fears that interfere with your personal power.
Understand your soul's karmic journey (past-life karmic patterns).
Awaken your spiritual potential and soul’s purpose. 

60-minutes $150

session preparation

This session is an opportunity to be in the presence of your personal team of angels and to receive their messages. Your team of angels are with you to inspire, uplift and motivate you towards your own self-empowerment and self-mastery. Their messages can bring clarity and guidance in both the mundane and spiritual aspects of your life. 

A session with your angels can help you:

• For phone sessions: please be in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for the hour. Do not be multi-tasking or eating. I will need your full attention. 
• Avoid having caffeine before the session. I need your nervous system calm. 
• Take time to get yourself settled and grounded before the session starts. 
• Do take time to think of any questions that you’d like to ask. 
• I highly recommend you take notes or record the session. I do not record sessions. 

What to Expect
Sessions are 60-minutes long. The first half of the session is spent introducing you to your team of angels and delivering any messages that they have for you. The second half of the session offers the opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have about your life.

couples angel session

60-minutes $200

A Couples Session is a great way to understand the karmic ties and the reasons why two souls have come together in union.

How to engage with each other at deeper levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
How to remove blocks or resistances that may be present between you.
Exploring the spiritual connections between you and your children.

What may be discussed during the session can include but is not limited to the following:

The gifts each partner is receiving on a soul level from being in the relationship.
The lessons or challenges that are wanting to be overcome and healed from this union.

combo angel & mediumship session

90-minutes $225

This session is a combination of both an Angel and Mediumship session in one. 


-k. steventon

“My favorite part of the session was the entire session! I just loved Whitney’s energy, and the insights that Spirit was able to hone in on. Laughter was a part of this reading and I loved that too! Thanks to this time with Whitney and Spirit I feel that I am more centered on the spiritual path that I seek, with tools that will help me, and with the help of the Angel and Guide that came forward during the reading.” 

-g. pierce

“Whitney is very special. She has insight that seems to flow thru her continuously. I felt very cared for and received support and help from my angel and my guide. She's right on! I highly recommend visiting with Whitney!” 

- jessica m.

"I have had the pleasure of three Angel Sessions with Whitney! All three were marvelous! The information Whitney is able to communicate during the sessions is unbelievable! It really is remarkable the accuracy and detail Whitney gives during her sessions. My mouth hung open on more than one occasion in shock of just how accurate she is! The guidance I've been given by my Angels thru Whitney has changed so many things in my life! Whitney is very talented in her craft and I would highly recommend having a session with her even if you are skeptical it's truly amazing!!"

mediumship session

60-minutes $150

session preparation

As a Medium, I can see, hear and feel your loved ones, including animals, in Heaven and bring forth their messages to you. Your loved ones come through hoping to touch and heal your heart and deliver messages that may help you on your life's journey. They often share special memories and various experiences of their life while on Earth. It’s quite a beautiful experience to connect with those in Heaven, and I’m honored to reunite you with those you love once again.

More people may join the session at an additional $50 per person. It is preferred that all participants have a connection (familial or friendship) with the soul being contacted. 

What to Expect
Sessions are 60-minutes long. I will allow a soul to come forth and deliver all that they’d like to say to you first. I’ll offer evidential information as I receive it. This may come in the form of a physical characteristic, how they passed, a favorite hobby, etc. I’ll then deliver any messages that they would like to offer you. I will then allow you to ask any questions that you may have for them. 

As much as I wish I could, I can’t guarantee 100% that a specific soul will arrive. Other souls may step forward instead. If there’s time, I will make a clarion call to see if I can bring a specific soul forward for you. If there is a soul that I don’t feel comfortable with at a core level I reserve the right to stop communication and lovingly dismiss the soul from my energetic space.

• For phone sessions: please be in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for the hour. Do not be multi-tasking or eating. I will need your full attention. 
• Avoid having caffeine before the session. I need your nervous system calm. 
• Take time to get yourself settled and grounded before the session starts. 
• Hold your loved one in your heart and mind and ask that they come forth.
• Feel free to have a picture or an object that belonged to them with you. 
• I highly recommend you take notes or record the session. I do not record sessions. 
• Let go of any expectations. Relax and remain open to whatever arises. 

combo angel & mediumship session

90-minutes $225

This session is a combination of both an Angel and Mediumship session in one. 



“During our work together I lost a sibling to cancer and have since been able to connect via her assistance to continue our relationship which has been wonderful and fulfilling. I have recommended numerous individuals to her and they have been satisfied as well. I'm picky whom I refer to and her commitment, integrity and outstanding gift of intuitiveness keeps me coming back and definitely have her in my referral list.”


“I scheduled a session with Whitney out of curiosity because I'd heard from friends that her work is phenomenal.  The first session was very tender for me, as I was given loving guidance to look at some things within myself that were keeping me from moving forward. I was also surprised to hear from my long-departed grandmother, and both of my parents who have passed. It was absolutely clear to me that the information was accurate because of the way they communicated through Whitney, including specific phrases that were particular to the way they spoke. They acknowledged some of the things that I'd sensed as a child that were painful, so that felt deeply healing and validating. Whitney is spot on and the real deal!” 

-janelle m.

"I first sought Whitney's services after the death of a loved one, which had been a sad time. In that first session, she gave healing guidance that helped me move out of my sadness and toward better understanding. Since that time I've found it helpful to "check in" with her a couple times a year because my sessions with her are consistently life affirming and informative. She's offered valuable insights which help me transition to a more healthy, positive, perspective. Whitney is a gifted and loving healer. I'm grateful to God and the Angels for allowing me to find her!" 

tarot sessions

30-minute Session: $65
45-minute Session: $85
60-minute 12-Month Tarot Forecast: $105

session preparation

Tarot is one of my favorite divination tools. I have been reading for myself and others for over 35 years. Tarot is a tool to help you see what you, as a lovely co-creator, are manifesting for yourself. Some of the information offered can be predictive, however, much depends on the choices that you make in each moment. With each session, my goal is to empower you and offer you advice that will benefit your highest good. 

I will be using my knowledge of the Tarot as well as my intuitive/psychic skills to access information for you. I will not be channeling information from angels or loved ones in these sessions. I am a very honest reader and what I will tell you what I see whether it be positive or challenging. I do not offer legal or medical advice.

General Session
This session starts with a general overview of your path: where you have been, where you are currently and what potentials await you over the next 3-6 months. I will offer any advice or guidance to help you walk your path with more ease and proper discernment. There will be a chance for you to ask specific questions depending upon the time remaining. 

Love/Relationship Session
This session offers a specific focus on love and relationships of all kinds. If you have a specific connection you’d like to ask about or if you’re single and wondering what you need to do to call in love for yourself, this session will give the guidance that you need. Depending upon your questions I will us a variety of spreads that will help to clarify the answers you seek. 

12-month Tarot Forecast 
In this session, I will look at the overall theme of the next 12-months for you as well as offer advice to support you through the major lessons and growth that is available to you. There will not be time for personal questions with this session as it is more geared towards offering you information and guidance. 

The session will also include two different spreads: 
• The first spread will offer a 12-month overview detailing what gifts and challenges may appear for you during each month. 
• The second spread will look at each aspect of your life using the twelve astrological houses of the natal wheel. This will allow you to see how each area of your life, from the mundane to the spiritual, may be impacted and how to best navigate those influences.

• For phone sessions: please be in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for the hour. Do not be multi-tasking or eating. I will need your full attention. 
• Avoid having caffeine before the session. I need your nervous system calm. 
• Take time to get yourself settled and grounded before the session starts. 
• Have your questions ready and be as specific as you can. 
• Remember this is your time. The more background information you give me the less time I have to give you the answers you seek. Less is more. 

Red Hat Qi Gong Healing

*Sessions are in-person only

session preparation

Red Hat Qi Gong (Chi Gung) is a 6,000 year-old Chinese hands-on energetic healing technique. It is one of the most efficient and effective energetic healing modalities that I have come across and I am honored to offer it. 

Red Hat Qi Gong is good for: 

• Do not drink caffeine the day of your session. 
• Be well rested. Do not come if you are feeling low in energy or are sick. 
• Remove all jewelry, wear comfy clothes and avoid wearing black. 
• Bring water to drink. 
• Have Himalayan Pink Sea Salt available as you will be asked to soak that evening to assist in the clearing process.  
• If possible, it’s best to not have a lot of activity planned after the session. The world may feel a bit different afterwards and a lot of stimulus can be challenging to integrate. 

Bringing mental and emotional calm and clarity.
Cleansing and clearing the chakra system and auric field.
Activating proper energetic flows throughout the physical body and auric field. 
Releasing patterns of fear, mental/emotional blocks and unhealthy attachments. 
Calming and re-aligning the nervous system to assist in physical healing.
Releasing old karmic patterns and over-lays. 

What to expect
The session will last 60-minutes. You will be seated in a chair the entire time with shoes removed. There is a very specific hands-on protocol that I follow as I work on you. Your only job is to breathe and relax. If I get a specific message or guidance for you I will deliver the information to you either during or after the session, whichever feels most appropriate. 

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"In the Chi Gung sessions with Whitney I mainly had the sense of feeling lighter after each session. Then for days after there was a period of integrating the new lighter place of being. Sometimes after a session I felt a bit imbalanced without the familiar heavy weight holding me back. After the 3rd session I got so inspired that when I got back home I picked up the phone and called my dad after more than 20 years of not speaking to him. I feel that Chi Gung has helped me release the fine threads of the old patterns. The unconscious held anger and resentment are no longer holding me back. Thanks Whitney for all your love and support."

-j. mitchell

"Chi Gung is simply amazing! This was my first experience having any energy work done and I'm hooked!! Whitey made me feel very comfortable and explained everything in detail that she was doing! I was in awe of the specific experiences she could describe! The old energy that she was able to pull out of me was so interesting. I also noticed shifts happening in my awareness and the way I react to things. She is such a talented practitioner it is a pleasure to experience her expertise!"

-k. fiddler

"Whitney is a healer at heart. She without a doubt is in the know and has a magical connection to source. She worked on my 14 year old and nailed every aspect of what he needs to work on and who he is as a person. He loved his session with Whitney. He said he felt very relaxed, but not only that he asked on the way home, "how did she know all that about me?" My most recent Chi Gung session with Whitney was powerful. I felt so light and happy afterwards. It was an enormous amount of emotions that flooded my body, mind and spirit and left me in awe. You are in for a treat working with angelic and Chi Gung healer Whitney Lamb." 

-r. stout

"Not only did I feel a lifting of some old "stuff" during this session, I received information that was valuable about what was there. Whitney did a great job of attuning to my body and field and knowing what to do. She also received information from my angels for some of the session, so that was a beautiful added bonus. Whitney was careful, thoughtful and caring during the whole process. I love what she offers." 

A 24-hour notice of cancellation is required or the session fee will be charged. For phone sessions, you are responsible for making sure your time zone has been adjusted to Mountain Standard Time. I will not be responsible for time zone mishaps and the session fee will be charged if the appointment is missed due to this issue.

Over-time Charges
Time that is beyond the standard session time will be automatically charged. Overages are $2.50 a minute (a 15-minute block is $35). Payment will be taken at the end of the session. 

Sessions begin exactly at the scheduled time. As a courtesy to clients, a 10-minute leeway is available, however, 10-minutes will be taken off the session time. After 10-minutes the appointment will be considered a no-show and session fee will be charged. 

Phone Sessions
Be sure to call from a phone with good sound quality and connectivity. Please be alone and in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. It’s imperative that you do not perform other tasks during the session. Please take some time before the session to get grounded, centered and calm.

Body and Mind
Energy is everything!! Please get enough rest and don't consume caffeine, alcohol or drugs before our time together. If you have a cold or are physically low in energy please reschedule your appointment with me. I reserve the right to cancel the session without refund if any of the above has been ignored.

Please avoid wearing perfume or strong deodorants for in-person sessions. 

session terms